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Long Term Disability/ERISA

Claims, Appeals, Litigation.

The right way.

Doctor Specializing in Pain Management

"His calm demeanor was therapeutic during such a stressful time for my family and I. He paid attention to my concerns, never rushed me, was always very attentive, and was available even on weekends if needed. His expertise in the field was crucial in the positive outcome received on my LTD claim. Thanks so much, Matthew!"

Audit Partner at a Major Accounting Firm

 "Matthew exceeded my expectations in how he handled my complex claim. He came up with the right strategies for dealing with the insurance company and my claim was approved seamlessly and much quicker than expected. Due to my disability it would have been impossible for me to complete the application process on my own. I highly recommend Matthew."

Doctor Specializing in Emergency Medicine

"After almost two decades of working in a highly specialized profession, I found myself no longer able to perform several of the essential duties of my job and had to leave the field altogether. I was at a low point, personally, professionally and health-wise when I met Matt. I wasn't sure what to expect and was very nervous about the long battle ahead. It was clear from our first meeting that not only was Mr. Maddox an incredibly kind and empathetic individual, but also a conscientious and highly effective counselor. His impeccable credentials, extensive experience, and impressive track record of success reassured me that Mr. Maddox was the one.


Through a combination of dedication, a strong command of the relevant law, unwavering persistence and truly impressive negotiating skills, Matt was ultimately able to settle my case prior to court."

Long Term Disability and ERISA Claims, Appeals, and Litigation

Long Term Disability and ERISA Claims, Appeals, and Litigation

File a disability claim

We will help you decide when it's time to file a short term disability claim.  When it's time, we will help you file a long term disability claim.  Seamlessly.  


We have worked with all major disability insurers, including Berkshire, CIGNA, Guardian, Lloyd's of London, MassMutual, MetLife, Principal, Reliance Standard, Northwestern Mutual, Provident, The Standard, State Farm, and SunLife. 


The insurers know us.

Appeal a disability claim denial

You get one shot at a long term disability appeal.  We make sure that one shot hits its mark.  We'll help you get the right evidence in front of the insurance company to make them change their minds.  Let us explain what your long term disability insurer got wrong.


Is it time to litigate?  Let us file your long term disability or ERISA lawsuit.  We'll get you the benefits you and your employer paid for.   We'll make the insurance company pay the legal fees.

Learn more

Learn how to successfully claim the disability benefits you deserve.

Long Term Disability Attorney
We'll stand with you and your doctors against the insurance company.
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