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Long Term Disability Claims Form

Navigating Long Term Disability Claims with The Maddox Firm

long term disability insurance claims

Long term disability insurance is an essential safeguard for individuals who are unable to work for extended periods due to severe health conditions. This type of insurance provides crucial financial support during times when an individual is unable to earn an income due to disability. The Maddox Firm specializes in long term disability claims, offering comprehensive legal guidance to ensure our clients secure the benefits they are entitled to. Our firm is highly regarded, with top ratings across various platforms. We encourage prospective clients to read our reviews to gauge the level of service we provide. Our team, including experienced New Jersey and New York long term disability attorneys, extends its expertise to clients nationwide.

Long term disability insurance provides a financial safety net for individuals who cannot engage in their regular employment due to prolonged health issues. Typically, long term disability benefits begin after the expiration of short term disability benefits, covering a portion of the individual's salary. The duration of these benefits can range from a few years to up until retirement age, depending on the specifics of the policy. Qualifying for long term disability benefits usually involves demonstrating that the individual's medical condition significantly limits their ability to perform their occupational duties or any occupation, depending on the policy's terms.

Various conditions are covered under long term disability insurance, ranging from serious physical injuries and chronic illnesses to significant mental health issues. To obtain long term disability benefits, claimants must provide extensive evidence demonstrating their inability to perform their professional tasks or, as dictated by some policies, any occupational tasks.

Common Questions When Filing a Long Term Disability Claim

The process of filing a long term disability claim can prompt several questions, particularly regarding the combination of medical evidence, policy stipulations, and legal rights. At The Maddox Firm, we're prepared to clarify all your inquiries related to long term disability claims. Common questions include:

  • How is the long term disability benefit calculated?  Typically, your long term disability benefit will be calculated by taking your salary on your last day worked and multiplying it by a percentage.  Some long term disability plans average the last few years of salary, and some long term disability plans take into account bonuses.  The percentage comprising the benefit ranges from 50 to 80%.  Use our disability benefits calculator to figure out your benefit.

  • How often will I receive a long term disability benefit?  Usually, long term disability benefits are paid monthly.

  • Are there any other government benefits available?  Your state may also provide paid family and medical leave.  If it does, that payment typically reduces or “offsets” the short term disability benefit. In addition, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

  • How does long term disability affect an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?  The law is not clear as to whether you must prove disability from your unaccommodated occupation or your accommodated occupation.  You should be aware that your disability insurer may require you to be disabled from your accommodated occupation before paying long term disability benefits.

  • Can I work part-time while on short term disability?  Usually.  Most long term disability plans provide that you may receive a partial long term disability payment if you suffer a loss of income due to a disability.  That loss of income must usually be at least 20 to 25% of your pre-disability income.

The Long Term Disability Claims Process

Successfully navigating a long term disability claim involves several detailed steps:

  1. Medical Evidence: Comprehensive medical documentation is essential, including detailed records from healthcare providers outlining your diagnosis, treatments, and how your condition limits your work capabilities.

  2. Notification: Timely informing your employer and insurance provider about your condition is crucial. Adhering to your policy's notification requirements is vital for a successful claim.

  3. Documentation: Assembling all relevant documentation is crucial, including exhaustive medical records and any additional evidence supporting your claim.

  4. Submission: Accurately and thoroughly completing all required claim forms is essential for a successful claim process.

  5. Follow-Up: Actively engaging in the claims process, including responding to additional information requests and monitoring your claim's progress, is essential.


Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Long Term Disability Claims

Several potential missteps can complicate or endanger a long term disability claim:

  • Not Engaging a Long Term Disability Lawyer: Expert legal guidance is invaluable in navigating the claims process, ensuring documentation accuracy, and advocating with the insurer.

  • Delaying the Filing Process: Timeliness in filing is crucial to avoid complications or claim denials.

  • Submitting Incomplete or Inaccurate Forms: Ensuring all claim forms are filled out correctly and completely is vital for the success of your claim.

  • Providing Insufficient Medical Documentation: Robust medical evidence is essential to support your claim.

  • Non-Adherence to Medical Advice: Following prescribed treatments and medical advice is crucial, as it signifies the seriousness of your condition.

  • Inadequate Communication: Maintaining clear communication with your employer and insurer throughout the claims process is vital.

  • Overlooking Policy Details: A thorough understanding of your long term disability policy is crucial for a successful claim.

  • Ignoring Deadlines: Adherence to all claim-related deadlines is essential for the smooth processing of your claim.

  • Underestimating Social Media's Impact: Be cautious of your online presence, as insurers may scrutinize your social media activity.


How The Maddox Firm Can Assist With Your Long Term Disability Claim


The Maddox Firm New York Long Term Disability Law Firm

The Maddox Firm regularly assists our clients short term disability claims and long term disability claims.  We understand the right way to file a long term disability claim and substantiate it with additional medical and vocational evidence to maximize your chances of a successful outcome.


The Maddox Firm can provide valuable assistance with your disability claim forms in several ways:


  • We Help You Understand Your Rights: The Maddox Firm can explain your rights under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) and how they apply to your disability claim.  Our team can help you understand the provisions of your insurance policy and any legal obligations your insurance company must fulfill during the claims process.


  • We Review and Advise on Claim Forms: The Maddox Firm will review your short term disability claim forms and long term disability claim forms before submission to ensure that they are completed accurately and comprehensively.  They can help you understand what information is required and how to best present your case to maximize your chances of approval.


  • We Gather and Organize Documentation: The Maddox Firm has vast experience in gathering and organizing the documentation needed to support short and long term disability claims.  We can help you collect relevant medical records, test results, employment documentation, and other evidence to strengthen your claim.


  • We Communicate with Your Insurance Company: The Maddox Firm will take over all communications with your insurance company on your behalf, including responding to requests for additional information or clarification.  We ensure that all communications are handled professionally and in accordance with your best interests.


  • We Help with Appeals and Litigation: If your claim is denied or benefits are terminated, The Maddox Firm can help you navigate the appeals process with your insurance company to secure the benefits you are entitled to.  In cases where litigation becomes necessary, The Maddox Firm can represent you in a lawsuit against your insurance company.



Whether you are looking for assistance in navigating the claims process, appealing a claim denial, or litigating a final adverse decision, The Maddox Firm can help with your short or long term disability claim.  The experienced team at The Maddox Firm will examine your insurance policy, correspondence from your insurance company, medical records, and any other relevant documentation in order to give you personalized guidance on how we can help you win your short and/or long term disability claim. Our New Jersey and New York long term disability attorneys help clients nationwide.



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