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Long Term Disability Claims Form
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Long Term Disability Claims

Is it time to file a long term disability claim?  We'll help you figure it out.  Long term disability benefits can help provide the security and peace of mind you need while you focus on your health.  Long term disability benefits may replace 50% to 75% of your income until retirement age.  


Long term disability benefits may be available to you if you can no longer perform your job.  Whether you purchased an individual long term disability policy, or your employer provides you with a long term disability plan, we can help.

Let us take a look at your long term disability policy to help you determine what benefits are available to you.  A long term disability attorney will help you navigate the many hurdles insurance companies put in front of you.

  • We will help you decipher the definition of disability.  Typically, you must demonstrate disability from your occupation for the first 24 months.  After that, you may need to demonstrate disability from any occupation.

  • We will help you determine eligibility.  Typically, you must be an "active employee."

  • We will help you determine if there are any exclusions to your long term disability policy.  Typical exclusions include mental illness limitations and pre-existing conditions. 


Once you engage us, we can help you file your long term disability claim.  We can help you provide the "notice of claim" required under your long term disability policy.  Notice of claim is just that, a notice to your insurer that a claim from you is on its way.  Then we'll be off to the races.  We will:

  • Gather your medical records that demonstrate disability

  • Schedule testing appropriate for your conditions to demonstrate disability

  • Help you, your employer, and your doctors answer questions about your job and your medical condition.

  • Do everything we can to make sure your long term disability claim is approved.


Get in touch to schedule a free consultation today.  No obligation.

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