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Long Term Disability Appeals Office
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Long Term Disability Appeals

Has your long term disability claim already been denied?  We can help you appeal it.  Typically, long term disability policies provide for one appeal.  If your long term disability policy was provided by your employer, an appeal is probably necessary before you can sue.


A long term disability appeal is likely to be your last chance to convince your long term disability insurer that you are disabled within the meaning of the policy.  Typically, you will have about 6 months after a long term disability claim denial to appeal.  Time can run short very quickly.

Let us take a look at your long term disability policy and the records you have already submitted to help you determine the best strategy to appeal.  A long term disability appeal attorney will help you convince the insurer they got it wrong the first time.

Once you engage us, we can help you gather evidence and file your long term disability appeal.  We will:

  • Gather your medical records that demonstrate disability

  • Schedule testing appropriate for your conditions to demonstrate disability

  • Help you and those who know you draft statements that will demonstrate how your conditions prevent you from being able to continue the career you worked so hard to build.

  • Respond to reports created by insurance company doctors.

  • Do everything we can do to get your long term disability appeal approved.


Get in touch to schedule a free consultation today.  No obligation.

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