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Our mission is to ease your worry.

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Anxious?  Let us take that on for you.  We'll make the process of getting long term disability benefits seamless. 

  • We'll handle gathering medical records. 

  • We'll prepare and submit disability applications. 

  • We'll schedule and prepare you for appointments to get testing to substantiate your disability. 

  • We'll carefully review your insurance policy documents to advise you as to eligibility, the definition of disability, permissible activities, offsets, and anything else that you need to understand.

Meet The Maddox Firm

We'll help you with your long term disability or ERISA claims, the right way.

The Maddox Firm

Long Term Disability and ERISA

All of us tend to make our jobs, our occupations, an outsized part of our identities.  For example, if someone asks what we do, we answer with our line of work.


When you are faced with losing your job because of a medical condition, it can cause you to question who you are.  We know what you're going though.  We've helped hundreds of clients through the process.  Rest assured, you are still YOU.  And you'll get through this.  We'll make sure of it.

If you are still working, and you're wondering if you may be able to claim disability, we can help.  

If you have already filed a disability claim, and you've realized it's more work than you bargained for, we can help. 

If your disability claim has been denied, we can help.  


Our New Jersey and New York long term disability attorneys will make sure that your long term disability claim, appeal, or litigation is handled the right way.


Our Values

Doing things the right way means doing things with:


We maintain an honest and uncompromising adherence to ethical principles and values.


Our highest aim is to be of service.  Our first client was a pro bono client, and we continue to serve as best we can.


We are constantly learning, and we deploy that knowledge on behalf of our clients.


We try to put ourselves in our clients' shoes.  Sometimes we even try to put ourselves in the shoes of insurance companies and opposing counsel. 


We love what we do.  We bring joy to every task.  Seriously.

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