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Arianna Gonzalez Senior Paralegal - Disability

Arianna Gonzalez

I love working with people who have something to teach me. That's why I became a long term disability paralegal. My clients have taught me how they go about their daily work as an immunologist, securities lawyer, head of human resources, lead engineer, executive vice president, and many more occupations than I can name here. I’m here to help them when the symptoms of their condition become too much to manage their ongoing duties.


I know that if they let me handle their short and long term disability claims the right way, they’ll get through it.

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About me

Service has been an integral part of my life. From an early age, I always worked to improve the lives of others. My personal mantra is to make a difference in someone’s life, every day. My role as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Paralegal for The Maddox Firm allows me to pursue that goal on a daily basis.

My family migrated to the United States in the 1950s from Cuba. I had a wonderful upbringing, and I am bilingual in Spanish and English.

I am an NYU graduate with a bachelor of science degree. Initially I wanted to explore medicine. I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors in periodontics and implantology. I dedicated the first 25 years of my career to dentistry.

I am a mother and wife who changed careers at age 40. It wasn’t easy, but I returned to school and started my paralegal career in 2006. The last decade has been the most rewarding, as I merged my medical background into the field of disability insurance law.

I fell in love with long term disability insurance law as I mastered the complex policy language of both group disability policy and individually purchased disability policies. Since then, marshalling the strategy for intricate long term disability claims for physicians, attorneys, executives, and other professionals has become my passion and calling.

I am well-known in the disability insurance industry and have worked with Unum, Prudential, MetLife, The Hartford, Cigna/NY Life, Northwestern Mutual, Guardian, MassMutual, Lloyd’s of London, and many other insurers. Over the years I have established a reliable and consistent rapport with the insurance companies. Today I can assure you that the efforts reap the rewards for all the claims I have successfully managed and helped render favorable decisions.

Over the last decade, I have created a time-tested methodology that has consistently proven effective with short and long term disability insurance claims. My ability to remove the burden from our clients and tackle the insurers head-on is my number one priority.


I am dedicated, passionate, and service remains at the very core of my being.

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